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Christine D. Avila
In the past month Aiden has passed 4th grade with straight As, won a school art contest and had his first art exhibit during Gallery Stroll. We took it all in stride with congratulations, but without too much fanfare overall.
After passing his test for his yellow belt tonight he wanted to go to one of his favorite restaurants, Spark, to celebrate. Spark closed last week, so he wanted to go to Gloria's Little Italy instead. I thought he would just want dessert, but he wanted a fancy sit down celebratory dinner in his honor. 
Not only did he want a fancy celebration dinner and dessert in his honor, but then he wanted to go home and make popcorn and watch Oz the Great and Powerful to continue his yellow belt celebration.
Nothing else that he has accomplished has given him as much satisfaction as this has.  

Phillip Tolman
Quality - Excellent
USSD in Provo has a long history of quality instruction and training. This school and organization have been and continue to be great assets to the community as well as the public. I would recommend that any person interested in developing Self Defense, Focus, Discipline, or Self Confidence look no further than this location to receive the very best in complete martial arts training.

Jeff Eaton
Quality - Excellent
I've been involved in martial arts over 30 years and it is a plus to have an instructor such as Sensei Nate. He is always at the studio when he's supposed to be. He is an excellent instructor, and in my dealing with him over the past couple of years, he's will be able to get any student the proper instruction without injury. The support at USSD is incredible with a whole support team of excellent highly ranked instruction. If you wanted, you can even make it a career.

Carolyn Hill
Quality - Excellent
Coming to this dojo has been one of the best experiences of my life! It has helped me though some very hard times -- the instructors and students always care about the individual and are always willing to help anyone and everyone. I have learned so much through this dojo -- I can learn at my own pace and feel like I have learned so much already! I feel not only that I could take care of myself, but also my confidence levels have gone up immensely. I love it here!

Victoria Christensen
Quality - Excellent
I love the team environment! No matter what you are appreciated and it shows in the way you are taught. It is a very caring teaching environment. Sensei Nate is fantastic! No matter what your physical state (Being plus sized) I had some concerns about what I could and couldn't do. Come to find out I could do more than I thought because Sensei Nate pushes in a subtle way that really helps you to want to see what you can do. The best part about it all is that it is in a super convenient location for Provo, right on center street! I love it there and my husband will be joining me soon!

Jodi Copper
Quality - Excellent
Sensei Boyd is INCREDIBLE!!!! I can't say enough about how amazing this instructor is. If you are shopping around for schools this is the place to be for a HIGH QUALITY EDUCATION. Some karate schools in the area are like babysitting clubs that hand out belts to keep you coming and help you feel good, USSD is hard core training. Anyone who gets a belt here has earned it. A black belt from USSD has the highest respect in the marital art community WORLD WIDE.

Kay Mildenhall
Quality - Excellent
Sensei Nathan Boyd has an excellent approach to not only the martial arts, but to his teaching style as well. He is careful in applying the art of Shaolin Ch'uan Fa to his students and always thoroughly explains his techniques in multiple ways. Through physics, explanations of anatomy, and safe hands-on training, he assures and works with each student so that they know the art inside and out. Most impressive to me was that he approaches each student differently and fairly. This is highly difficult to do as a teacher, and nearly impossible to do as a martial artist. If you're seeking a patient, skilled instructor that takes his time in engaging with each student, Sensei Boyd is the man. Is the art worth it? The five animals of Shaolin Ch'uan Fa are nearly separate martial arts themselves. They are worked into the entire curriculum and show the pros and cons of different approaches in a fight. Put together along with the rigorous training that the students go through, the brown belts at this studio are equals to black belts that I've met in the five other martial arts that I've studied. Imagine the black belts, let alone the 2nd or 3rd Dans! While this school is certainly more expensive than a regular dojo, the training, the sensei, and the atmosphere of the dojo cannot be called regular by any means. I would be honored to return to this school.

Tiffany Krall
Quality - Excellent
I have had the privilege of training alongside Sensei Boyd almost throughout my entire martial arts journey. He is not only a great student in the martial arts, but a great instructor as well. In choosing a great martial arts school the most important thing to consider is not price, style, or how big the dojo is. The most important thing is choosing an instructor who lives what he or she teaches. An instructor who is a positive role model that can help both children and adults make better choices in their lives and stay on a path that leads to success in every aspect, whether it be work, play, school, or relationships. Training at United Studios has changed my life for the better and Sensei Boyd has what it takes to change your life for the better as well.

Amanda Gardiner
Quality - Excellent
This school is absolutely unbeatable. Classes are great and energetic, the sensei and instructors are always willing to help you on anything you are struggling with. Privates are highly informative and let you understand the material, while you get enjoy yourself and show your skills in group class. Everyone in class is there because they want to be there and they want to improve themselves. And going to this school, you do improve yourself and your athletic ability. The self-defense knowledge I gained here is unbeatable and I doubt I will ever find a better martial arts school.

Eric Boring
Quality Excellent
Sensei Nate is a fantastic person to work with. I really enjoy my classes with him. He's always so up beat and positive that it is really inspiring to me. As for the training with USSD in general, I have been with USSD for over 14 years and it has been the best experience of my life. I started as a child because I was being bullied in school. I believe that enrolling me with USSD was the best thing my parents ever did for me. It changed my life for the better and I know personally that it will change yours for the better.

Jeremiah Jackson
Quality Excellent
This studio has been one of my favorite places to train since I started martial arts. The quality of training is spectacular. Of course each individual is unique, but the skills learned here will drastically improve your basic survival skills in self defense situations. The people here are amazing, especially the Instructors who are more than willing to answer questions and help you on an individual basis. Much better quality of instruction than being stuck in the back corner of a large class setting trying to figure out stuff on your own. Besides the karate here, these people really know how to help you with anything you may be struggling with, and are more than willing to find a way to cater to your needs. I highly recommend you check them out even if its just to ask a few questions. They take care of you here.

Kal'el Kalai
Quality - Excellent
FANTASTIC!!!!! I'm parent of a student at this school and this is why I would recommend USSD--Sensei Boyd. Sensei Nathan Boyd is an incredible instructor, role model, and genuine athlete. You can tell he cares about each student and tailors workouts for each individual and their fitness level. I've seen him work with young children with disabilities who just need help with coordination, balance, and life skills. AND I've seen him training seasoned martial art athletes who need to be pushed to their limits. Its amazing how versatile he is. Not only does Sensei Boyd know how to push you to be a better athlete, but he inspires you to be a better person by his encouraging compliments.

Melissa Miller
Quality - Excellent
My daughter has been in Karate at this particular Dojo for about 18 months. My son has been in Karate also off and on. The changes in my daughters confidence has been profound. I am continually impressed with my daughter's respect and abilities as she has progressed with karate. Sensei Nate Boyd has been a pivotal influence on how my daughter deals with other children and life. Sensei Boyd is currently working with my son who has a focusing dysfunction and teaching him to have discipline while dealing with his issues. I like the honesty and hospitality of this Dojo and am proud to give the Business 5 stars. Thank you for helping my children Sensei!

Melody J.
Quality - Excellent
What first greatly impressed me about USSD Provo, is that the instructors there truly care about and believe in their students. All of my Sensei's there have known about the anatomy of the body, and have encouraged me to know more. The work-outs are tough, but highly rewarding. You don't get anything there that you don't earn. A lot of people don't like to work for something they want immediately. This kind of thinking breeds entitlement, low self-esteem and low self-worth. That's not the kind of thing USSD Provo is about. The Sensei's at USSD Provo go beyond their quota because I think, they love to help people grow, love their art, and believe in being the best that they can be. That's the kind of example I look up to! Another thing is that many of the Instructors there have studied more than one style for an extended period of time. The approach, I think, is a very well-rounded instructor. However, true Martial Arts isn't all physical. There's the mental and emotional components as well. They understand that here. They will do complete meditation classes from time to time, which helps hone the connection between mind, body and spirit. But, I'd like to say something more personal here. Though the things I have mentioned previously may be the most exciting for some, it's not what means the most to me. I have a severe health condition that I was able to be completely open and honest with them about. They understood. They stretched me, expected me to be better, but they didn't overdo it. And when I was having trouble with things, I was able to confide in them and they were, and still are, completely trustworthy. The only reason I'm not there now is due to my condition worsening and my location. They helped me become so much more disciplined. If anyone knows anything about this kind of thing, they will understand the incredible damage of not being able to do what you love to do, and want to do, has on one's self-esteem. The time I was there, I was learning not only the fighting aspect of the martial art, but the lifestyle of the martial art, and how the discipline affects every area of life. Maybe that sounds a bit dramatic to some...but it's really not. If you're truly looking for an awesome dojo, that's like family, with excellent skills, and if you're willing to put in the work-go to USSD Provo(and if you're in another location, any USSD from my experience will do)!!! They have been a lifesaver for me and didn't even know it!

Howard Coons
Quality - Excellent
I was surprised at how much I loved my classes at United Studios of Self Defense! I won a month of free lessons to and a uniform a while back, and I decided to try the classes in an attempt to get in shape. I've never been particularly athletic, but I had a great time even when I was working hard! Sensei Nathan Boyd is kind yet firm, and we had some great classes. I still practice the moves I learned from time to time! If you are at all interested in learning some practical martial arts from a great instructor then take the time to check out United Studios of Self Defense. It will be a great experience!

Samuel Eaton
Quality - Excellent
Truly I love it here! It's amazing, we just had a chief instructor change and the new one is amazing. I have so much fun. I finally found something that I can do myself and at my own pace. I love that i can just relax here. I love it and feel free to come in. I love it.

A Google User reviewed a year ago
Overall Excellent
I Have learned SOOO Much From this School. They Study all sorts of Martial Arts. Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Aikido, Kenpo, Pratical Defense and Triditional Learning. they are very knowledgeable and flexible with all sorts of Physical conditions. Plus their Animal Styles are Very fascinating to study as you go up the ranks. Their primary 5 animals are the Tiger, Leopard, Snake, Crane and dragon which are of the 88 i believe original animals of the shaolin temple. Their classes are Safe Friendly and Fun and you Progress as fast or as slow as you want so theirs never a wrong time or age to start. School is also coming up and it helps with the stresses that come with it. from bullies to homework and even tough teachers come here and you will feel tons better.

Barbara P.
Overall - Excellent
There has been a lot of Martial Artist come out of the Provo Dojo and it has a sweet spot in many USSD Utah students hearts.  The Dojo has gone through a recent face lift, if you haven't seen it lately come in and CHECK OUT THE BEST DOJO IN PROVO.   The Instructor there is really the best Karate practitioner in Provo he has and is currently going through very tough training to become even better.  If you are looking for QUALITY Instruction in Utah County this is the place for you.  You will never get better Kempo Training in Provo.  The Karate classes for kids are amazing.  Give them a call 801-373-4844 this place is LEGIT.

Overall - Excellent
Posted: Saturday, Feb 23,2013 9:42am
Taking classes here has been one of the best things that I have done! The people and instructors are phenomenal and really care about the individual. Questions are always welcome and you can always learn at your own pace. The quality of instruction is top notch! I love it here!

Overall - Excellent
posted: Thursday, Feb 21,2013 10:12am
I have always been impressed with the quality of instruction that is provided at this school. The classes are very simple and go at your own pace. Like any martial art, its up to you to train and make what you learn effective, but I do find the skills they teach to be very simple and effective for basic self defense needs. They recently switched instructors for this school which has been a very positive experience. The teacher here is very outgoing and very open to help do whats best for you.

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